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Vibrator Zen is designed to deliver the most from your device vibration & haptics.
Using all possibilities of your device
Utilizing Taptic Engine with Haptic Feedback of iOS devices & Android haptics for transmission of sound through vibration. VibraBuilder for creation of custom scenes & patterns.
Taptic Engine
For iPhone 7 and older
Haptic Feedback
Audio-haptic experience is available for iPhone 8 or higher
Android version has Beta VibraBuilder feature. iOS soon...
Audio-haptic experience
Feel sound and calming vibration with Vibrator Zen RealFeel haptics scene generator. Imagine you can close your eyes and be somewhere else, somewhere pleasant place to be. Audio-haptic experience will help you to achieve this feeling.
Adjustable patterns
Vibrator Zen also provides adjustable relaxing vibration meditation with intensity, sharpness and patterns control. Choose the audio background nice for you, take iPhone in your hands, try to focus on vibrations and relax. Experiment the vibrator pattern, that will work best for you.
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